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ProTip Card

Create, Share, Save, Organize

“The ProTip Business card is just great! I solved all the problems and lowered the costs, for me and for the company I manage.'

Luigi S. - Business manager


With your ProTip Business Card you can create your profile and edit it in complete autonomy, adding info that reflects your professional profile and your updates.


Avoid printing expensive business cards and help the environment. Your card will not be printed and can only be changed by you as many times as  you want.


By presenting the ProTip Card to your customers, you will give a technological and highly professional touch to your contacts. Also, no one will lose your contacts.

Our offer


to better understand your strengths and change your career


Enter your information and create your digital ProTip Card: you can modify it as you wish!


for Managers who have responsibility for a team or a project

EUR 48 / year

Are you a manager and do you represent more than one company? With the ProTip Premium you will be entitled to the following benefits:

- QR Code

- associateup to 5 emailsaccounts in complete autonomy;

- remove ProTip Ads.


Ideal for companies and entrepreneurs who want to change their business

EUR 120 / year

Do you have a business? Create your contact page to edit as and when you want. We create it for you, to your liking, completely customized!

You won't need business cards anymore!

* you will be redirected to the NDV International website to make the payment.

Do you have a friend? Register, invite and earn!

Discover the services offered by NDV International, owner of the ProTip brand and the 'NDV Affiliate Marketing' program!
Tell your friends about it by passing them your personal purchase link: you will earn cash commissions for each purchase made thanks to your link!
Find out how by clicking here!

What people say

'A really nice idea to have a professional Business Card that I can modify as I wish!'

Carla B. - Marketing Manager

Protip Digital Business Card
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