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Nowadays it is essential to be aware of one's abilities, in a competitive and global world. Our goal is to bring out your qualities, providing you with solidity and safety for your professional choices.

We are professionals, with many years of experience in international contexts, especially in engineering companies, multinationals and management consulting firms.

We put our experience at the service of professionals or entrepreneurs like you who want to strengthen their position on the market, helping them to make important choices that have an impact not only on their respective professions but on the very lives of many people around you. 

We provide support not only in the drafting of the CV, of the cover letters and in the drafting of the LinkedIn profile, but we also offer well-defined professional Coaching programs.

The international consultancy firm, NDV International, has decided to invest in this business, strongly believing in high value and with the firm will to also create a high social impact, helping many professionals to be high-level, competent and confident managers. . 

Submit your CV now and get our feedback for free to your e-mail!

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